Muslims for Peace, Justice and Progress (MPJP) is a collaborative leadership effort among Muslims in Western countries. Our organization intends to empower Western Muslim communities as advocates for international mediation and peaceful conflict resolution, in solidarity with disadvantaged peoples all over the world.


MPJP aims to consolidate a leadership from among diverse Western Muslim communities in order to provide a legitimate, powerful voice for activism within their countries of origin. Our organization seeks to promote constructive engagement and conflict resolution through grassroots ambassadorship and people-to-people relations between nations.

If a confrontational relationship continues to persist between Western and Muslim-majority societies, this conflict will only grow more detrimental to the interests of all peoples around the world. However, one important interface between cultures has not yet been utilized to its fullest extent. Muslims exist as citizens within many of the Western superpowers of our time, while simultaneously remaining personally and politically engaged with many key Muslim-majority countries.

As a global community, Western Muslims could help to bring about a major change in mindset. The dissension that exists today between these two regions of the world occurred largely due to three factors: prejudice, ignorance, and failed political policies. These barriers can and should be dissolved by the force of moderation, as well as cooperative community-to-community engagements that can break down walls. Western Muslims exist at a critical time in history, as they can forge a transnational movement that can help to resolve conflict and transform vital areas of the world. This is the vision among our communities.

A safer world requires new faces of diplomacy as well as transformative dialogues that will counter confrontation and extremism. While many remain cynical about the future due to growing global challenges, we must remember that another world is possible. Rather than succumbing to our own societal faults, improvements in technology and intercultural communication could enable a paradigm shift in our time, thus helping to liberate countless poor people around the world from misery and hopelessness. This is the greater vision that our organization seeks to align with.


1.     To improve the relationship between Western societies and Muslim-majority societies through intensive political activism and civic engagements in multiple countries. We intend to work side by side with the due processes of governance as well as civil society in order to achieve these efforts.

2.     To assist solidarity movements around the world in their efforts against the forces of injustice and inequality. These issues threaten stability and peace more than anything else on the planet. We intend to utilize the spirit of Islam in our policy advocacy – justice towards all and malice towards none.

3.     To help to increase unity among diverse Muslim communities, despite differing theological and sectarian understandings and differing ethnic and cultural orientations. We hope that this unity will help to uplift the position of Muslims everywhere, as many important underlying issues of global injustice transcend one’s individual ideological outlook.

4. Work against extremism and terrorism, therefore work towards better understanding of Islam and propagating the principles and values of the religion that propagates peace and justice and promotes knowldge and progress.

5. Work towards reduction of the most unjust wealth divides of societies that is causing untold misery among countless people around the world. 


Our supporters are from some of most diverse Muslim communities around the world – belonging to different theological backgrounds, and with different opinions, orientations, and ethnic backgrounds. As such, it is likely that there will be conflicting views among our supporters and prospective supporters. Accordingly, we as an organization and affiliation do not take responsibility for the viewpoints or actions of our supporters.

We are committed to bringing about unity in diversity on the basis of broad commonalities of interests. We are committed not to reject anyone who acts with this spirit in mind. Rather, we encourage anyone and everyone to contribute to this great cause. It is the commandment of the Quran to stimulate others in good work and worthwhile causes, in recognition of and in spite of their diversity [5:48]. If we reject and deprive individuals of differing viewpoints who want to support our cause, our actions may amount to transgression. We would like to serve with humility. We recognize that Judgment belongs to God alone, and that our job here on this earth is to increase the domain of good works and goodwill among humankind. We would like to work with the spirit of Islam as manifested in the Quran, as God addresses all human beings as the children of Adam, thus tying all people into a greater human family.